[UA-discuss] Checking for Mixed Scripts in a domain name or email address - is this a UASG issue? - Group Discussion

Don Hollander don.hollander at icann.org
Mon Aug 7 18:52:30 UTC 2017

We’ve had the following suggested for the Programming Language Criteria:


    Could we include one more test case in "Programming Language Evaluation Criteria ".

   1. checking of multiple script in Email,Domain,Url.
       Ex: еріс.com[xn--e1awd7f.com] contain two language script (Cyrillic ,Latin ).
              deepak.भारत  contain two  language script (Latin, Devanagari)



I understand the thinking behind this, but I’m not sure that a) it’s in our remit, b) it’s a good idea c) it will be rejecting perfectly valid domain names (CJK, Cyrillic+Latin Numerals, etc)


I also don’t know what standard this would reference or what policy it would reference.   Something from the Unicode group or M3WAAG?



Your thoughts, please.




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