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Tan Tanaka, Dennis dtantanaka at verisign.com
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This is a fair comment. We probably need to use the LTR and RTL nomenclatures, which is the essence of those test cases. That also makes it generic for all RTL scripts, not only Arabic.


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Hi Don,

I was just wondering why is Arabic considered different than Unicode at idn.idn<mailto:Unicode at idn.idn> in EAIs?
Arabic characters are Unicode, and Arabic domain names are also IDN.
The only difference is the LTR and RTL reading order, which is probably done by the rendering part, but storing and validating is the same.

Hazem Hezzah

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Thanks for the comments on an earlier edition of UA103 – especially from Tex, Jim & Dennis.

Please find a second version of the document – with some work still needed in the highlighted sections.


Also attached as a PDF

Your comments would be most welcome indeed.



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