[UA-discuss] Govt announces official use of IDNs / EAI

Ajay DATA ajay at data.in
Wed Aug 30 10:57:17 UTC 2017

Its  सरकार.भारत in Hindi and everyone is supposed to have one Hindi id along with @gov.in  

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Not quite sure how to interpret the news article. Does it mean that each of the 5 million government personnel will have both a hindi and an english email address? If yes, will they both redirect to the same mailbox? Or is it too early to determine
 exactly what will happen?

Is sarkar(dot)bharat in hindi = सरकार(dot)भारत ?

André Schappo

On 30 Aug 2017, at 02:34, Ajay DATA <ajay at data.in> wrote:

With our constant push and various initiatives, Government of India announces EAI for every govt employee, by anniuncing a 5 million mailbox setup.

News Article :


This news also refers to our Rajasthan state govt initiative to provide EAI to every citizen. Rajasthan has 75 million population ans every citizen and take ID through मेल.राजस्थान.भारत or mail.rajasthan.on

This is huge step forward in the world of EAI and adoption of IDN at this scale.

Thank you for your support always.

Best regards.

Ajay Data


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