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Well, in the German speaking regions we have Max and Erika Mustermann as standard characters:



Giving them another very common name would result in Max and Erika Müller.


max.müller at beispiel.de

Erika.müller at beispiel.de




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Thanks for this.


We’re looking to build a bit of narrative to show how important EAI is to people (in this case imaginary) who can’t currently use email the way that they might want to because their names use non-ascii characters.




On 2/02/2017, at 2:28 PM, ajay at data.in <mailto:ajay at data.in>  wrote:


Hello Don

May be we can use SUPPORT@ or MAIL@ instead of name along with country specific example.भारत

Like for Russia you can use  <mailto:%D0%BF%D0%BE%D1%87%D1%82%D0%B0 at xn--e1afmkfd.pyc> почта@пример.pyc in English  <mailto:mail at example.rus> mail at example.rus 


On 02-Feb-2017, 4:53:43 AM
Don Hollander ' <mailto:don.hollander at icann.org> don.hollander at icann.org' wrote:


We’re building some documentation around EAI and creating some generic, but culturally local, examples of email addresses.




In the US it might be something like  <mailto:john.doe at example.com> john.doe at example.com.  In the UK it might be something like  <mailto:john.bull at example.com> john.bull at example.com.  And in NZ it would be  <mailto:Joe.Bloggs at example.com> Joe.Bloggs at example.com  




I’m looking for similar, ‘everyman’ names in other places, particularly those that don’t use only ascii.




So, if you have any suggestions, please do let me know.






Don Hollander

Universal Acceptance Steering Group

Skype: don_hollander




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