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Jim DeLaHunt jfrom.uasg at jdlh.com
Fri Feb 24 04:47:57 UTC 2017

Hello, everyone:

Congratulations, and my appreciation, for everyone standing for 
leadership roles in this group.

I would like to make two observations.

On 2017-02-23 11:04, Ram Mohan wrote:
> May I suggest that we accept *all six* volunteers to the position, and 
> do away with a vote? I know that I could use the help, and I also know 
> that corralling the energies of these six individuals, all of whom who 
> have already participated and made material contributions to the UA 
> initiative, will be a worthwhile enterprise.

First, I don't know enough about the structure of UASG, and the role of 
vice-chair, to know whether it is better to have three vice-chairs or 
six.  I have no comment.

However, I think it is a good thing for any organisation if it can find 
ways to "corral the energies" of willing volunteers without requiring 
them to hold a formal position. Put the other way, it is a good thing if 
the organisation doesn't expect that only those with formal positions 
will do the work of the organisation. And, some responsibilities have to 
fall on a small number of people, they cannot be delegated without limit.

So, an outcome where there are only three vice-chairs, but all six 
candidates find a way to be corralled, seems equally good to me.

Second, if there is to be an election, there are a variety of rules for 
running elections. This is something I am quite interested in. For a 
group like this, my belief is that Preferential ballots, counted by a 
Single Transferable Vote method 
<https://www.opavote.com/methods/single-transferable-vote> would be a 
good choice for electing three vice-chairs from more candidates.  (To 
elect only one chair, the related Preferential ballots, counted by an 
Instant Runoff Voting method 
<https://www.opavote.com/methods/instant-runoff-voting> works well.)

Are there any bylaws for the running of this group? There is a UASG 
charter <https://uasg.tech/uasg-charter/>, which says this:

    The Steering Group itself will be overseen by one Chair and two to
    three Vice-Chairs who will be appointed to two-year terms with the
    possibility of one reappointment so that Chairs and Vice-Chairs will
    serve for a period of no less than two years and no more than four.
    The goal of the Steering Group is primarily to oversee and
    participate in the work of the UASG. The Steering Group will also
    lead the budget process, maintain the Charter, and coordinate the
    creation and dissolution of Projects.

Again, my thanks to everyone who has stepped forward to provide leadership.
         --Jim DeLaHunt, Vancouver, Canada

> If you agree with my proposal (or have a different point of view), 
> please post back to the list. If we can hear some consensus on my 
> proposed approach, then we’ll take the administrative steps to having 
> 6 vice-chairs ratified.
> Regards,
> Ram
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> A quick update on the election process:
> There was one accepted nomination for Chair:  Ram Mohan.  So, Ram 
> continues in the role for another two years.   Congratulations.
> There were six accepted nominations for the three positions of Vice-Chair:
> Vice-Chair - Edmon Chung
> Vice-Chair - Ajay Data
> Vice-Chair - Christian Dawson
> Vice-Chair - Jothan Frakes
> Vice-Chair - Rich Merdinger
> Vice-Chair - Mark Svancarek
> I am currently gathering materials from the candidates.  Should be 
> done in the next day.
> Then, I’ll send a link to voting to all subscribers of this UA discuss 
> list (as of the beginning of this week)
> Voting will be available for a week and then we should have a decision.
> Don
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