[UA-discuss] Universal Acceptance LinkedIn Group

Jean (Jovenet Consulting) jean at jovenet.consulting
Fri Feb 24 08:47:28 UTC 2017

Do you think it makes sense to create a LinkedIn group on Universal

The idea is to "spread the message" without this group to be a poor
copy-paste of what already is in this discussion list.

It took me years to bring the new gTLD group to 2,500 members so this
project makes sense if there is participation. Now: what is participation?


   1. Does it make sense to create such group
   2. What should the purpose of this group:
      1. Post announcements of recent updates from https://uasg.tech/ ?
      2. Post examples of use?
   3. Which guidelines? (I'll make this simple)
   4. Will you participate?

Happy to receive feedback on this idea.


*Jean Guillon*
8 Boulevard du Général De Gaulle
92120 Montrouge

*Phone:* +33.631109837
*Skype & Twitter:* jeanguillon
*Web:* www.jovenet.consulting
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