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Hello Yao
While you are correct about both MX pointing to same server in normal configuration however there may be many use cases when there are multiple load balancers and antispam in between, then MX pointing may not be at same server. Even there may be lots of email routing scenerio.
In this scenario DNS will be of little use.
Lets not forget there are two independent domains and will have their own issues in relation to reputation,blocking,spam rules etc and hence it may not be a good idea to merge and treat them as one. We are only merging DATA, nothing else.
It is also possible for some people to run legacy email systems (ascii) and new tech (IDN) with EAI support in parallel , still they should be able to merge mailboxes.
Let's have systems to as flexible as possible for admins.
Just another thought and point of view to consider while designing systems.
Ajay Data
On 28-Feb-2017, 6:33:54 AM
Jiankang Yao 'yaojk at cnnic.cn' wrote:


a little different observation here.

normally, email address with ascii domain will be regarded as alias of email address with idn domain, or email address with idn domain will be regarded as alias of email address with ascii domain.
both email addresses with ascii domain and idn domain will physically point to the same email box.
in this case, ascii domain and idn domain should resolve to the same IP address in the DNS after the email system administrators configure the two email address as the alias of each other.

So DNS should do something here.

Jiankang Yao

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On Fri, Feb 24, 2017 at 07:10:28AM +0530, ajay at data.in wrote:
> Yes Dusan, you will need to own ASCII domain to full ascii Alias ID

This is part of the reason several of us find "ASCII domain" and
"[somelanguage] domain" to be such frustrating terms. There is
nothing -- literally, absolultely nothing -- in the DNS that links
these different domains, and no way to express such a link. Different
registries will have different policies which link the names
_administratively_, but nothing will link them technically.

So, the way we should properly explain this is, "That's a different
domain, so if you want to get mail there you need to control it too."

Best regards,


Andrew Sullivan
ajs at anvilwalrusden.com
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