[UA-discuss] SAC095 - SSAC Advisory on the Use of Emoji in Domain

Stuart Stuple stuartst at microsoft.com
Mon May 29 15:39:36 UTC 2017

Interesting reference. A wide variety of items that raise more questions for me than provide answers. Sharing the listing of those points in case it is of use.

Given the conversations we’ve had here around phishing, would we say any aspect of Unicode meets the requirements of Finding 2:
…are not required by design, standard, or convention to be visually uniform (one code point displayed the same way in all circumstances) or visually distinguishable (different code points displayed in ways that permit them to be disambiguated regardless of context).

Beyond even that fundamental consideration, as pointed out on another branch, the use of the ZWJ seems completely independently of any discussion of Emoji. Yet it’s necessary for some writing systems. Two other related areas would be worth evaluating for similar risk would be precomposed versus combining diacritics for symbols such as é and IVSes.

As to the point about accessibility, the Unicode CLDR data does indeed include information about how to reference Emoji properly. They have both a Unicode character name and pre-defined keywords. Furthermore, the comparison to other languages being more accessible is false; many modern living languages have poor accessibility implementations (non-space delimited languages and Chinese dialects come to mind). The point raised about the skin tone implementation and color-blind individuals is (pardon the pun) a red-herring. The emojis are designed to be distinguishable based on modern accessibility standards.

FWIW one opinion is worth, I disagree with the assertion that adding emoji will slow the move towards universal acceptance. Certainly within software products, we’re seeing emoji as one of the forces driving a more robust support of the full Unicode standard and rendering in ways that make emoji useful in content.

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