[UA-discuss] SAC095 - SSAC Advisory on the Use of Emoji in Domain

Jothan Frakes jothan at jothan.com
Tue May 30 21:44:09 UTC 2017

> FWIW one opinion is worth, I disagree with the assertion that adding emoji
> will slow the move towards universal acceptance. Certainly within software
> products, we’re seeing emoji as one of the forces driving a more robust
> support of the full Unicode standard and rendering in ways that make emoji
> useful in content.
EVERY opinion is valuable.

I had proposed that we discuss leveraging the attention Emoji are getting
in attracting that attention to addressing EAI or UA bugs in forms or
software at the Redmond meeting, and there seemed a loose consensus that it
was best to focus on the matters at hand.

My opinion is that with respect to Emoji domains, I view it as 'cute' and
'clever' to have these function in the location bar, but suspect that
because there are so many sober and important issues like making domains
work in the natural language of underserved cultures and languages, that
discussion on Emoji could be heavily distracting us from addressing a
massive debt of attention to catch up on with respect to the existing

The existing and most current IDNA specification did not include Emoji
support because the Unicode consortium suggested it.  Now we have a
recommendation from the SSAC.

I would like to propose that we follow Emoji standards as they might
evolve, but we focus on the non-Emoji work we have all been working on and
not get distracted by Emoji for the time being.

There are a number of very practical benefits from functional EAI and IDN
for a larger world of people, and websites that still reject valid domain

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