[UA-discuss] SAC095 - SSAC Advisory on the Use of Emoji in Domain

Andre Schappo A.Schappo at lboro.ac.uk
Wed May 31 15:49:21 UTC 2017

One of the recommendations I am not in agreement with is in their example of usage of html in footnote 9

For example, clickable HyperText Markup Language (HTML) anchor text (e.g., the "I❤NY" in the HTML expression "<a href=“https://www.iloveny.example”>I❤NY</a>") would not be governed by IDNA2008, nor would a search term typed into a web search engine.

Firstly, let me revive an acronym I have not used for many years - WYSIWYG - What You See Is What You Get

My standard practice is to make, whenever possible, my links WYSIWYG. I think it a good practice. Sometimes it is not possible because of overly long and complex URLs.

Ignoring the fact that Emoji are not currently allowed in IDNA2008, my version of the above anchor would be

<a href="https://I❤NY.example<https://I%E2%9D%A4NY.example>">I❤NY.example</a>

My other standard practice is to drop the www as it is unnecessary (with a properly setup web server, the majority of which are setup correctly) and is inconsistent with IDNs.

I consider one of the aims of this group is that IDN links should be WYSIWYG. So no redirecting to ASCII and no displaying of punycode to users.

André Schappo

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