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Yes,  perfect. 

On September 7, 2017 3:02:10 AM GMT+05:30, Mark Svancarek via UA-discuss <ua-discuss at icann.org> wrote:
>This is my understanding as well.
>Note that Coremail also does the first part (switch seamlessly to the
>ASCII-only alias), but does not do the second part (populate the
>displayed user name with the equivalent string as the EAI address.
>With this scheme user can
>1.  Send ascii alias to any server – same as composed by the user,
>displays “default user display name < ASCII email address>” (where the
>default user display name is presumably but not necessarily ASCII)
>2.  Send EAI to UTF8 server – same as composed by the user, displays
>“Unicode user display name <EAI email address>”
>3.  Send EAI to non-UTF8 server – different from how it was composed by
>the user, automagically displays “alternate user display name <ASCII
>email address>” (where the alternate user display address is presumably
>but not necessarily the same as the EAI address)
>Ajay, did I get this right?
>Jim, I also don’t recall exactly which field holds the user display
>name as opposed to the email address field – IIRC it’s in the envelope,
>rather than the header, but that’s probably wrong…
>UASG has already listed Coremail’s technique as a recommended good
>practice.  We should discuss if XGenplus’s additional technique should
>also be recommended practice .
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>Dr Data:
>Do I understand this correctly? "Advanced downgrading" is a feature of
>the XGen Plus email server. When the XGen Plus email server attempts to
>deliver a message to an internationalised (non-ASCII) email address, it
>asks the receiving email server if it can accept internationalised
>email addresses. If the receiving server says, "No", the XGen Plus
>server rewrites the destination address, so that the internationalised
>email address goes in the personal name field, and a traditional
>(ASCII-only) email address goes in the email address field. This
>feature is activated by a control in the XGen Plus web-hosted email
>I didn't see the video describe what the XGen Plus email server does if
>the receiving server says, "Yes", it can accept internationalised email
>addresses. I suspect that it delivers the message as-is, resulting in
>the best internationalised experience.
>I'm pretty confident that I used the wrong terminology above. Hopefully
>my meaning is clear anyway.  I need to write a Unicode Conference
>presentation on the subject, so I'd better study up on what the correct
>terminology is.
>Best regards,
>    --Jim DeLaHunt
>On 2017-09-06 10:39, Dr. AJAY D A T A wrote:
>Dear Friends,
>Please look at this video showing advance
>technique in action.
>This technique probably makes EAI mailbox much more usable and much
>more accepted.
>Looking forward to have your suggestions / comments.
>Best Regards
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