[UA-discuss] Draft Media Release and Report Publication- media alert

Tex Texin textexin at xencraft.com
Thu Sep 7 10:38:44 UTC 2017

Regarding the media alert: a couple suggestions.


The alert states that we have made significant progress (but we have work to do) twice (in the first 2 paragraphs in the WHAT section).

However as these are the first studies, we have no basis for the claim that we have progressed significantly since 2010.

Only 7% accepted non-English addresses which seems low to me.


Perhaps we should be more objective in our analysis and simply state that these reports show we have more work to do in education and recommending solutions, to reach the next billion internet users.


Also, the only example TLDs mentioned are the legacy domains. We should offer uasg.tech and others as examples longer than 3 letters. I understand in may be problematic to offer other languages in an alert. If we can’t directly reference examples of non-English domains in the alert, perhaps we can provide a link to a list of example domains.


The first reference to top level domains should include “generic” to explain the gTLD that follows.


Although 1500 TLDs is significantly more than the 7 or so we had years ago, if we had a measure of the number of sites under those domains or the activity going to those domains or a graph of the  growth in activity to those domains, that might be more compelling as to the urgency of supporting them. If not numerical examples, perhaps reference a few of the domains enabling particular cultures to use the net that might not be able to in ascii… This might lead the media to some personal stories or use cases to go after…









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