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Tan Tanaka, Dennis dtantanaka at verisign.com
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Don, my feedback:

Universal Acceptance of Popular Websites:

  1.  In Appendix A (Discussion of Ideographic Full Stop), instead of giving ambiguous guidance (i.e. “the latest standards guidance is not crystal clear”) could we assert what the UASG recommends? For example: keep bullets 2 and 3, and remove 1, 4 and 5. 5 is even outdated, so it should be removed anyways.

Universal Acceptance Case Report:

  1.  Typo in incoming cases: “USAG.TECH”
  2.  The total count for Incoming Cases versus Case Resolutions, should the numbers match? I would think so. Same for Outbound cases

Evaluation of Web Sites

  1.  Page 6, last sentence of Introduction says: the raw data is available here. However, there is no link.

Quick Guide to Linkification

  1.  In Principles of Linkification, the Safe Practice Principle states that “Links should NOT be created from strings that are Highly Restrictive according to the Unicode Technical Standard #39”. This is an odd recommendation because it would render almost 99% of domain names invalid for linkification.  If we want to refer to UTS39, we should say something like “URLs that meet the UTS39 Restriction Levels 1 through 4 (i.e. ASCII-Only, Single Script, Highly Restrictive, Moderately Restrictive) are generally safe for linkification.


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Thanks Dennis.

The Comms folks are suggesting we publish at least the Browser Review and the Website review at the same time to give media more ‘meat’ at one time.

Most of the documents have been circulating for comment in a vanilla form for some time.


On 2/09/2017, at 7:44 AM, Tan Tanaka, Dennis <dtantanaka at verisign.com<mailto:dtantanaka at verisign.com>> wrote:

Can I suggest that UASG publishes one document at a time, perhaps one week apart, so that it gives us time to review?


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Can someone get back to me and confirms:
1.      What to publish (a hyperlink to a website)?
2.      When to publish?

On Thu, Aug 31, 2017 at 2:18 AM, Don Hollander <don.hollander at icann.org<mailto:don.hollander at icann.org>> wrote:
Please find attached documents for final comments before we publish:

04a – A review of popular browsers for UA Readiness – Spoiler alert – most are OK, but few handle the open dot or IDNs as we expect them to.   Some browser developers may see this as a feature and not a bug.

04c – a look at the issues that have been raised through our UA Complaints process and their resolution.  Short answer, not too many raised and even fewer resolved by the website developer

04d – A look at Websites and how UA Ready they are.  Good news – 7% accepted all names and just 7% accepted none of our sample set.  Bad news, just 7% accepted all names.

04g – UASG Programming Language Evaluation Criteria

06a – Revised UASG010 – Quick Guide to Linkification

06b – Revised UASG014 – Quick Guide to EAI



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