[UA-discuss] Runet + SMTPUTF8 support

Chaals Nevile chaals at yandex.ru
Tue Apr 17 21:58:53 UTC 2018

On Tue, 17 Apr 2018 18:33:23 +0200, Andre Schappo <A.Schappo at lboro.ac.uk>  

> Correction. I did not read the tables carefully enough.
> March 2018: 238 servers with SMTPUTF8
> September 2016: 83 servers with SMTPUTF8
> So the overall trend is upwards but there was a peak in May 2017 when  
> there were 255 servers with SMTPUTF8

True, but in the old .su domain things are more encouraging, and the .ru  
domain (which is still the bulk of runet) shows a far steadier increase,  
with numbers measured in 1000s.

Is the drop-off associated with the first sets of renewal fees coming due?  
If so, the early growth might have been anomalously fast, and corrected.  
Another year or two will add clarity I  suppose.


> André Schappo
>> On 17 Apr 2018, at 12:27, Andre Schappo <A.Schappo at lboro.ac.uk> wrote:
>> My attention was grabbed by slide 12 of a presentation by Igor Lidin  
>> meeting.cctld.ru/docs/lidin.pdf
>> I followed the link on that slide and found some interesting stats for  
>> Runet. It is good to see the steady year on year growth of servers >>in  
>> the рф domain supporting SMTPUTF8  
>> statdom.ru/tld/рф/report/mxsmtputf8/#52 If, like me, you cannot read  
>> Russian you can select >>English, top right.
>> André Schappo

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