[UA-discuss] UA and phishiness

Don Hollander don.hollander at icann.org
Thu Apr 26 18:21:55 UTC 2018

We see the anti-abuse community as part of our target audience

1)	They should be aware of all the TLDs, the dynamic nature of the root zone population, and shouldn't be blocking an entire TLD because their systems are not aware of them.
2)	If they block an entire TLD because it is a 'shady' TLD, that's NOT a UA Issue.
3)	The bulk mail operators in the Anti-Abuse community should be aware of EAI Addresses.  Based on a M3WAAG meeting earlier this year, I'm not convinced that's the case.
	To start addressing this, John Levine will be running a session at the M3WAAG meeting in Munich in June.

WE've had discussion about this during our face-to-face meeting in Seattle last year and again on a subsequent conference call.

Our role is not to advocate for TLDs to not be blocked at the top level, but to ensure that those blocking entire TLDs are doing so consciously.   


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Well, to be clear, the point of the discussion I'm in is around automatic blacklisting of everything in a "shady" TLD.

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> Andrew,
> I get the connection, but I think that this is adjacent to our remit 
> as opposed to part of it.
> Other thoughts on this?
> Richard Merdinger
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> Hi,
> I'm in a meeting about the web PKI and there's a discussion about how 
> poor the anti-abuse stance is of some new TLDs. Does UASG have a view 
> about this?  Should it?
> A
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