[UA-discuss] Suggestion Email validation library to support IEA

Dr Ajay Data ajay at data.in
Mon Dec 10 10:07:21 UTC 2018

Along with when John has shared, https://github.com/data-xgenplus/EmailAddressValidator
This has sample JAVA code too.. 

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From: SUHAYB ALGHUTAYMIL   MailId : [87054723]To: UA-discuss Subject: [UA-discuss] Suggestion Email validation library to support IEADate: 09 Dec 2018 11:27:01 AM 

Dear all, 
I have a suggestion to UASG that  might help to improve IEA adoption in software applications like (web apps, mobile apps)
Software developers nowadays depend on open source packages or libraries either to use it directly or use it as a reference to rewrite it in other programming languages. Some developers write their own regular expression(regex) to validate email which usually does not support IDN emails since a regex that supports IEA will be too complex and hard to write and debug .
A standard library that has a  function like validateEmail() eases the support for IEA in web and mobile apps development .
I wish the UASG considers contacting open source software vendors like (Microsoft,php.net or openjdk.java.net . etc.) to include email validation in their standard libraries or to sponsor an existing library to be the official email validation library and be the reference implementation for other software developers.  
With best regards,
Suhayb Alghutaymil 

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