[UA-discuss] Emoji domain names redux

Edmon edmon at registry.asia
Thu Mar 1 23:14:34 UTC 2018

As a slight nuance (but I think important), I think what we agreed to is that emojis are not part of the current standard for IDN/DNS. As such it is out of scope for UASG.


I do not think we support/not-support the development of emoji domains… but the right place to start that discussion may be IETF (not UASG), since the technical protocols need to be updated first for it to become a standard before we can talk about UA readiness for it.






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For the record, UASG does not support the use of emojis in domain names.  I think we explicitly declared that during the Seattle meeting in April 2017.


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…as if we did not have enough troubles with the serious stuff… 



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