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Dear all,

We are discussing here not usage of emoji, but something different. And that is: does we, as UASG, need to pay attention to something which is implemented but not standardized? That's the true question, not emoji itself.
There is (always) two ways: to leave this out of scope of our work, as we already decided, but to follow up what is happening with that, or to loose energy and time on non-standardized things, by discussing endless should we need to react or not. First option seems to me reasonable at this moment, and I would like us to focus on real problems in implementation of standards in IDN and NewGs world.


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It might just be that I am in a bad mood tonight, but it seems to me that there is a substantial “social” difference on top of the “technical” difference related to being a standard or not.
While UA of IDNs will allow the underserved communities of non-ASCI-script people to access the Internet on par with the ASCII-script population, there is no social benefit in allowing emojis - although some folks might indeed think that they
can make a lot of money with fancy vanity domain names - but this is hardly an outcome towards which I am personally inclined to volunteer time and effort.

But again, it might just be my bad mood, and somebody can convince me tomorrow of how great progress for the humanity would be the development a framework for facilitating emojis.



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Good clarification.  Rephrasing: UASG does not consider support for emojis as domain names to be part of our current scope or charter.

We are driving adoption of standards, and emojis are outside the standards.

(I actually drafted a response to SSAC095, arguing that emojis could be brought into a future update of IDNA, but that was a Microsoft perspective on a theoretical topic, orthogonal to the goals and activities of UASG.

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As a slight nuance (but I think important), I think what we agreed to is that emojis are not part of the current standard for IDN/DNS. As such it is out of scope for UASG.

I do not think we support/not-support the development of emoji domains… but the right place to start that discussion may be IETF (not UASG), since the technical protocols need to be
updated first for it to become a standard before we can talk about UA readiness for it.


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For the record, UASG does not support the use of emojis in domain names.  I think we explicitly declared that during the Seattle meeting in April 2017.

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…as if we did not have enough troubles with the serious stuff…

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