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Hello Friends,

In UASG workshop today, we had a detailed recap and discussion on UA + EAI issues. During discussion,  we agreed the following points to be discussed further and need resolution…

  1.  Sender ID as xn--anything in local part.

If email server receives an email FROM  xn--anything at validdomain  , should email server at receiving end Do..

  1.  the conversion of xn--anything to UTF8 string.
[Mark Svancarek] IF you host the mailbox and IF xn—anything maps to a UTF8 mailbox that you already administer, and IF you have no mailboxes with xn—anything as the local part:  then you may transform. But this is not an officially  recommended practice.

  1.  Leave it the way it was received i.e xn-anything
[Mark Svancarek] In all other cases,  transformation is forbidden.  The official guidance is don’t ever do it.  UASG should not be accountable to spell out the very specific exception case I define above.

  1.  Is Mixing of scripts is allowed in mailbox local part While creating a mailbox like..

  1.  scripta at scriptbdomain -     ajay@ਡਾਟਾਮੇਲਭਾਰਤ<mailto:ajay@ਡਾਟਾਮੇਲ.ਭਾਰਤ>
[Mark Svancarek] I don’t think there is any specific existing rule or even guidance on this example, for or against.  I vote that UASG support this example.

  1.  scripta+scriptc at scriptbdomain ajayअजय@ਡਾਟਾਮੇਲ.ਭਾਰਤ<mailto:ਸੰਪਰਕ@ਡਾਟਾਮੇਲ.ਭਾਰਤ>
[Mark Svancarek] We should recognize that the local part rules are very permissive and therefore this should be an ALLOWED case per the spec.  But I vote that UASG declare it as a NOT RECOMMENDED case EXCEPT for script combinations which are already allowed to be mixed in the root zone.

  1.  Alias ID on MUA:
We already agreed that Downgrading of Alias is good practice and to be followed by email servers while communicating with legacy systems , however we have not discussed how Alias will be made available on MUA and if there are many Alias, than which will be used for downgrading.
[Mark Svancarek] I don’t recall this topic, and I don’t understand the question – sorry!  Please clarify.

Lets discuss.


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