[UA-discuss] [UA-EAI] Issue needs discussion and closure

Arnt Gulbrandsen arnt at gulbrandsen.priv.no
Tue Mar 13 12:03:38 UTC 2018

Vittorio Bertola writes:
> Well, why? I mean, once EAI is widely supported, why should 
> Indian or Japanese or Russian people still use ASCII email 
> addresses at all?

You appear to take for given that EAI becomes widely supported. That's not 
exactly certain at the present. IMO, if does become widely supported, then 
we'll have learnt enough to answer that question, and the one below.

But I'll offer an anecodotal comment which, perhaps, hints at an answer:

> ... So what difference does it 
> make if it is in a script that you can or cannot read?

JFYI, I am supposed to have an Indian address, but it's broken right now, 
due to someone's cut and paste error. Such mistakes happen easily when you 
can't read or write the letters you're trying to use.


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