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Dušan Stojičević dusan at dukes.in.rs
Mon Apr 1 18:20:37 UTC 2019

Dear Patrick, Danny,


Thanks Patrick for your kind words. But, but as an ex-journalist, I like to check sources and references.


When journalist write, he use punctuation, otherwise – it’s a bad journalist. 

More than that, when he use email, he pay attention how his name is written, especially when he use this gmail account for any members list.

And finally, Google (again) doesn’t give me any result for Patrick Davison on ICANN meeting. 

Was thinking that my Google is broken, but no - if I google Keith Davidson, I get near 100 pages of results and contribution is obvious. 

Thank you, again, for deep explanations on everything besides your contribution to UA.


Dear Danny, how about your contribution? Any references, links?

Or even you want to say that I am “muddy”, “childish” or I suddenly doesn’t exist for you anymore?

Or I don’t know how to use Google again?





From: Patrick Patrick Davison [mailto:patrickdavisons at gmail.com] 
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Dear Dusan


I would just bowdlerized this muddy communiqué short. We can just compunction on our decisions which is countenancing you to transcribe such language. 

I am happy that you don’t remember meeting in Kobe even you don’t exist for me anymore. I journalist don’t remember a journalist amazing.

How Google can help you when you cant help yourself and correct it it’s not Patrick Patrick Davison its Patrick Davison.

You can’t be “childish” child never do arrogant debates? Rest in Peace


For me now UASG is no more worth to even think forget to discuss.  




On Mon, Apr 1, 2019 at 4:51 PM Dušan Stojičević <dusan at dukes.in.rs <mailto:dusan at dukes.in.rs> > wrote:

Dear Patrick,


See, I give respect to people based on their work. 

And none of the positions makes me different of what I am. Neither do this one. 


I don’t remember you from ICANN in Kobe, I don’t remember anyone by that name that I met in Kobe.

Google doesn’t help much, because there no Patrick Patrick Davison connected to ICANN.

So, do I need to agree with you that I am “childish” in seeking for help on this, to get to know your work and see who you guys are?





From: Patrick Patrick Davison [mailto: <mailto:patrickdavisons at gmail.com> patrickdavisons at gmail.com] 
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Subject: Re: [UA-discuss] ICANN64


Dear Dusan


I never anticipated such immature communication from a vice chair.  Sorry am I answerable to you for this and with what authority you can do such communication with me, UASG is a community driven organization , you and other administrative group  peoples are elected by us.  So please respect each other and sorry did I ever questioned on any of your or anyone else contribution made in past four years. 


If you see in archive my discussions, I have not blamed anyone or infact if you see the complete trail email there are many other topics which I mentioned in my initial email and not just UA Ambassadors. I am shocked how you can say my communication or me as a troll.


If I go with what you mentioned and see total email communications made by each community member actually communicated on ua-discuss as contributing and sorry  even your contribution on ua-discuss in last four years before your election nomination was also just few emails which is no number. Do you wish to highlight that according to you  rest all are non-communicating community members are only troll’s who have selected you and present / past administrative group, if that is the case what’s the point of their vote in selection because of which you are on current position? 

Your email also make me eager to know now that how many members we have in UASG community, what’s the total member’s strength. 

As per you they all will also be treated as trolls now if they don’t make communicate or think to contribute later?


Just google with my name that would make you know who I am and what is my contribution till now in Internet community or ICANN, for UASG I just meet you all during ICANN64 Kobe and after that only I become active in UASG mailing list. I shared my ICANN64 findings as my mail to DON who was the one who make me understand in length about UASG in Kobe at UASG booth and ensure that I remain active in future. 


Highly for wobbly statement “What you give is what you get” I pray you don’t go with it. 




On Mon, Apr 1, 2019 at 2:34 PM Dušan Stojičević <dusan at dukes.in.rs <mailto:dusan at dukes.in.rs> > wrote:

Dear Patrick Patrick, and Danny,


Thanks for highlighting, again, the issue about ambassadors. But also, here is the issue of another nature - your contribution. Can you help me on this?

I don’t see in archive any discussion made by you on any other topic, except about UA Ambassadors. 

By repeating the same thing and actually not contributing anything to the UA, you are just as Danny explained – you sound and act like trolls.


I really want to believe in all of you, especially that there is more than one person behind all those emails talking, but I find really big lack of UA contributions coming from you. I couldn’t find anyone who knows you in person, anyone who knows your names, so – please – can you highlight what you did in the past in the field UA? Some links? If not, can you do something useful for UA and contribute to the list? 


What you give is what you get...

Thanks in advance!






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I am not scared of what you try to highlight if things in UASG are happening in such manner I think I will not remain a community member in such a group. I am surprised with things which you have shared. Time will prove how correct you were I will just wait and see for some time.



On Mon, Apr 1, 2019 at 11:02 AM Danny Dong < <mailto:dannydong at tech-center.com> dannydong at tech-center.com> wrote:


You guys are thinking too much and actually you all have too much expectation from new UASG administrative group, I pray you all don’t get hurt later when they all also treat you and mike also as trolls as ram did in past for many of us when we raised this issue initially during F2F.

Trust me nothing will change in UASG as UAA program is totally non-transparent and just to pass benefit to few selected individuals of their choice. You know who is Ashish Modi check this  <https://www.xgenplus.com/our-team/> https://www.xgenplus.com/our-team/, hope after this you will sense that why even after so much voice on UAA program why nothing was taken seriously by past and present chair. The appointments of all old UA ambassadors was for one year which is already over few months back do you hear any announcement after that? No you will not. So don’t become another victim as no one will listen here.



On Mon, Apr 1, 2019 at 10:54 AM Patrick Patrick Davison <patrickdavisons at gmail.com <mailto:patrickdavisons at gmail.com> > wrote:

Hello Mike

Awkwardly no, I am not naming myself for UAA ? Universal Acceptance Ambassador

I be ascertain of do present charter of UASG allow us to designated names for UAA? As in past also all people who were appointed was a sole decision of UASG administrative group and no proposals or endorsements were taken from UASG community.

I agree that it’s commendable about Aj who progressed toward becoming Chair. It would be decent for us to see update each month from his leadership team however as mentioned in formerly that past appointments of UAA Universal Acceptance Ambassador term is already pass away so without being prejudiced about few individuals, UASG administrative group must appoint new UAA who have already shown their interest in past, if they want community to contribute and help is choosing right UAA they must amend their present charter and seek support community members.

Yes Aj has noteworthy remarks about his enthusiasm for UA and working with groups so I look forward for his similar approach in taking quick decisions which will be transparent and in interest of UASG.



On Sun, Mar 31, 2019 at 8:43 PM Mike Hemp <mikehamp1971 at mail.com <mailto:mikehamp1971 at mail.com> > wrote:


Are you naming yourself for UAA ? Universal Acceptance Ambassador

Do you have names to be designated as UAA ? 

Incredible that Aj has progressed toward becoming Chair. It would be decent for us to see update each month from leadership and from ambassadors.

Aj, I heard noteworthy remarks about your enthusiasm for UA and working with groups. It would be pleasant chance that you could include a few of us into this , its locale which will make it successful. 

Anticipating to get notification from you.

Sent: Monday, March 25, 2019 at 3:25 PM
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Subject: Re: [UA-discuss] ICANN64 

Hello Mark

Virtuous to see your response, well I am no one to submit any suggestions for ambassadors. UA ambassador’s appointment was sole decision of administrative group and no one asked from community members who should be considered.  There was just one email to us about selected ambassadors who were appointed for one year. 

I strappingly have faith that candidates willing for the position must have applied in last one year and UASG secretariat must be having the details of them which they can share with administrative group.  Once you all have the information your administrative group can set some selection standards and ask secretariat to filter out the new candidates from it. As a community members and believer is UASG mission I would only suggest that candidates who can really contribute in the mission must be given chance. 

Since the terms of earlier appointed UA Ambassadors is already over even before ICANN64 and we still have names on website of old ambassadors whose terms has already expired and who at present do not hold that position. So pronouncement for new UA ambassadors should not be deferred. 




On Mon, Mar 25, 2019 at 6:23 PM Mark Svancarek (CELA) <marksv at microsoft.com <mailto:marksv at microsoft.com> > wrote:

Feel free to submit your suggestions for ambassadors.  No need to wait.


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Last week I shared below piece of information with newly appointed Administrative Group but look like I am just overhear. So sharing again with all in community. Also beside all other points startlingly inspite knowing the fact that the terms of earlier appointed UA Ambassadors is already over even before ICANN64 still no pronouncement were been made for new UA ambassadors during ICANN64 or later. I am surprised don’t we have nominations or interest submitted by peoples around the world during last one year who can be considered. 

Cheers !!!!



On Tue, Mar 19, 2019 at 1:23 AM Patrick Patrick Davison <patrickdavisons at gmail.com <mailto:patrickdavisons at gmail.com> > wrote:


Prodigious meeting all again during ICANN and enthusiastic to see the focus of universal acceptance universally in all groups in Kobe and also in ICANN.

Further down are my observations on UASG in ICANN64 which i giving you all as food for thoughts.

*        Universal acceptance group exertions are now building shape.

*        Ram with administrative group members have put a strong foundation and given strong beliefs for UASG among all already.

*        Community have lots of expectations from newly elected Chair and vice chairs.

*        Issues raised for Universal acceptance program during public forums were disastrous yet new administrative group must seriously address it.

*        It’s fortunate that term for earlier elected UA Ambassadors is already over few month back so they must be quickly dropped to preserve civic credence.

*        We already have few newly elected UA Ambassadors now in team to take over and if we have pending applications they must be given chance quickly.

*        As per UASG community update counties to be precise China, UAE, India and Russia should we key focus areas so we should have new faces as UA Ambassadors in this region who can deliver UASG mission.

*        Persons vetoed by community should be kept away from any auxiliary selections. Earlier we heard a lot for Mr. Modi as Indian Prime minister and now in ICANN for a UA Ambassadors, terrible and sad for UASG. We should not show any nepotism towards anyone.

*        UASG available documents must be reviewed and updated to help community members

*        Short training modules and crash courses material must be soon updated on UASG.tech so that same can be used by institutions to educate for Universal acceptance program.

*        UA ready certifications for applications and website must be quickly planned and implemented.

*        Community have lots of expectations from Universal acceptance group so we should move with a structured plan to deliver speedily.


Cheers !!!!







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