[UA-discuss] Help please - Greek and Arabic domain names

Don Hollander don.hollander at icann.org
Thu Apr 4 02:41:27 UTC 2019

Dear all:

I’m looking to update UASG004 – our Test Suite and I’d like to add three new references:

German eszet Character


Greek name ending with ς

To be configured

Arabic names with Indic digits and joiners

To be configured

Can I please have reasonable suggestions for the second two names?   I think the Greek name can be within one of our existing ASCII names as a third level.   I ope that we can do the same with our existing Arabic Name, which I  think is اختبار-القبول-العالمي.شبكة



Don Hollander
Secretary General – UASG
Skype: Don_Hollander

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