[UA-discuss] interesting to note about emoji in mailbox name.

Asmus Freytag asmusf at ix.netcom.com
Fri Apr 12 19:04:15 UTC 2019

 From the UASG perspective, what is needed is a short statement why 
these characters (emoji + other symbols) are problematic and why they
(a) fall out of the scope for which universal acceptance is promoted and 
why they
(b) should be flagged / avoided until
(b) some other body can make more detailed recommendations for a safe set

That gets UASG out of seemingly endorsing these because, understood 
uncritically, "universal" would normally mean "everything" but also 
sidesteps getting UASG dragged into actually solving this problem. 
(Always assuming there's a forum that has defining safety of maibox 
names as a mission).


On 4/12/2019 11:29 AM, Tex wrote:
> If UASG were to recommend prohibiting emoji in mailbox names, are we referring strictly to emoji or more generally graphical characters such as wingdings and line drawing characters, etc.?
> We need to declare an explicit list of characters that should be avoided.
> As the argument against allowing emoji is largely based on confusability, I would recommend the prohibition be worded to say they should be avoided for now until such time as a sensible list of allowed emoji can be provided.
> There is sufficient demand that people will want to use certain emoji and the solution would be to allow a list of useful emoji that are not confusable.
> For example, a single heart emoji could be allowed so that people (or corporations or other entities) could use I♥NYC without mistaking how to enter or write it or confusing it with other similar looking characters.
> More generally, there needs to be a list of the characters that are allowed or disallowed in mailbox names, as that list may need to be different from domain names, and there are characters besides emoji that may be confusable or problematic in mailboxes.
> Tex
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