[UA-discuss] Understanding the world of developers - Stack Overflow 2019 Survey

Jothan Frakes jothan at gmail.com
Fri Apr 12 22:32:56 UTC 2019

As we embark on our efforts with UA (Acceptance / Awareness) it is
important to understand the developer mind, and the environment that exists
beyond the "ICANN-o-Sphere".

Good news!  Stack Overflow, a community forum of developers that help one
another with q&a, have released survey results from their most recent
global user poll.


We often misunderstand the world of the developers and the development and
integration realm that our domain name _stuff_ enables, interacts with, and
provides platform for.  One of the biggest areas of feedback that I receive
in discussions within developer communities is that the "domain companies
and ICANN people (I think they more mean the community more than org)" are
super disconnected from their realities.

The feedback is that there is not a 'developer stakeholder group' within
ICANN, and that there seems within the ICANN community, that the protracted
bureaucratic nature of getting things done is difficult to get support from
pragmatic management to remedy within their companies, and that there is an
[false] assumption that the IETF is representative of the overall global
community of developers, their goals, attitudes, preferences and objectives.

As we approach the UA objectives with developers, understanding their
universe will provide us good emotional intelligence about approaching the

Where I have successes in communicating the importance of enabling and
integrating UA into the design and development process is where I
demonstrate empathy for the problems that face the people that I
communicate the concepts with.

Taking some time to look through the survey can help, and it is a quick


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