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Hello Everyone,
There have been lot of talks about Ambassador program since last few months and this promoted us to learn more about the Ambassador program, particularly its rationale , process adopted, expected outcome etc. So here are some of the answers we are able to collect,  which probably will explain queries about UAA for all of us .

Did we announce Universal Acceptance Ambassador (UAA) program on uasg.tech website to call for application? if yes, when and how we did it. Give us dates please .

Answer :  We made an announcement to the UA-Discuss list. We published a Help Wanted Ad (which is still open), https://uasg.tech/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/UA-Ambassadors-18-01-15.pdf which was done on January 15th 2018

What was the criteria for eligibility of UAA, please share the URL of document if any?

Answer:  Criteria is in the Help Wanted ad shown above .

Was there any announcement of appointment of UAA on uasg.tech site , please share URL and when it was done .

Answer: https://uasg.tech/2018/04/introducing-the-first-ua-ambassadors/ on 25 April 2018

Was there anyone (except elected leadership) from ICANN/Society/Members involved in the selection of UAA at the time of appointment?

Answer:  The Secretary General took the applications, assessed them and prepared a recommendation for the Coordination Group.   If the Secretary General didn&rsquot know a person they would check with the ICANN GSE team who could provide advice. Only members of the UASG Coordination Group were involved .

Please share the list of UAA with their term start and end date .

Answer: The list of UA Ambassadors is shown here: https://uasg.tech/people/   Harish, Abdalmonem, Ashish, Elaine, and Dusan were in the first group.   John Levine joined early on.   Mark Datysgeld only recently.   Tobias came after the Puerto Rico meeting and resigned recently.  We haven&rsquot been keeping a registry .

Please share the understanding of UAA&rsquos if they will continue to remain UAA till asked to step down?  If not, what decision was taken by leadership at the time of expiry of term?

Answer:  We&rsquove not discussed this.   It&rsquos certainly our expectations and hope that people will continue.   We put the year tenure in to the program to allow easy exit if things didn&rsquot work out.  As it is volunteer role, we wanted a commitment for at least 12 months and expected it to continued till terminated .

Is there any report submitted by UAA&rsquos ?  Was it shared with UA members? Please share date and report .

Answer: They should provide the Secretary General with a quarterly report.  In practice they let the SG know what they&rsquore doing while they&rsquore doing it.   A draft annual report has been prepared.  We&rsquore not grading individual ambassadors.   These are volunteers, they generally do not cost us much, and we see value in keeping them engaged.  

Is there any evidence of mis-conduct or under performance of any UAA available with us. Please do share if any .

Answer: Under performance is a challenging term.   We have heard complaints only of about one of the Ambassadors and have reached out to people that we know who have said  that their performance is good.   The attacks on this one ambassador have been ongoing since before the Barcelona meeting.  This ambassador has risen to the occasion anytime they were called on and we are grateful for their continued participation and the support they get from their employer .
The Secretary General talks from time to time with each of the ambassadors.   This usually includes us identifying opportunities and them identifying opportunities.   (It is usually the ambassadors that are seeking opportunities)  We sometimes get requests from them that aren&rsquot appropriate and we don&rsquot go further.   The SG often checks with the local GSE team .

How many applications of UAA were received before and after 13th March 2019 (since new leadership started getting on board) ? and how many were approved .

We&rsquove received 10 applications.One was declined.One left after appointment.One is pending for decision.None have been received since Kobe .
Hopefully, This answers the queries to the UAA program and lets all join our hands together to make this Universal Ambassador a success. Please feel free to send us email to let us know in which area of UA you would like to contribute in our joint mission .
Best Wishes
Dr. Ajay DataChairUniversal Acceptance Steering Group


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