[UA-discuss] Technology readiness in open-source languages and frameworks

Team Polyglot team at polyglot.network
Sat Aug 3 07:28:07 UTC 2019

We would like to help with review and remediation for technological
readiness of popular open-source languages and frameworks as this is
exactly the kind of work we do day in and day out. (We're an
open-source-only software development agency which works on improvements
that are requested by multiple clients).

I have seen the action plan document here:

Has any work begun on this task?  "Determine the evaluation criteria for
choosing Frameworks and Programming Languages. Include objective measures
that can be used to see results."

Here are some ideas to begin with:

   - IEEE Survey of programming languages:
   - TIOBE index: https://www.tiobe.com/tiobe-index/
   - StackOverflow Developer survey:
   - GitHub: The state of the octoverse:

Once, we identify the top 20 languages and frameworks, we can build a test
suite to continuously track the progress on technological readiness.

Also, I am assuming that we would be including databases among the
open-source tools which need to be reviewed.

- Nilesh
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