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Jiankang Yao yaojk at cnnic.cn
Sat Aug 10 01:37:45 UTC 2019

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> Hi Mark
> > 3.  Offer developers a small amount of money, say $500 to motivate them to change their code.  If we spent $1m on that I would regard it as a good investment. 
> >   Marksv>>> We don't know how to do this in the ICANN system due to contractual complexity.
> That was raised and the alternatives I suggested were 1) to pay someone to submit patches to as many projects as possible along with any reasonable ‘patch processing fee’ or 2) pay someone to run a compliance bounty programme. Both of those are things we can contract out. 

I appreciate your suggestion about giving more focus on code compliance for EAI. If all codes are ready for EAI, I think that EAI deployment will be successful soon.
The total budget allocated to UA is around 1M every year. If without the volunteering work, the ‘patch processing fee’is sometimes very high.
Even if all UA budgets are allocated to EAI patches, I think that it is still not enough to do it. For examples, Microsoft upgraded hotmail to support EAI. How much money would UASG pay?
I think that it should cost Microsoft more than $1M. Actually, it is Microsoft's volunteering work. UASG paid nothing.

As Mark said, UASG may  Offer developers a small amount of money (prize), say $500 to motivate them to change their code.
I think that UASG is a good platform to attract more volunteers to promote EAI/IDN. For examples, CNNIC sponsored postfix EAI patch development.(http://www.postfix.org/announcements/postfix-3.0.0.html).

Two years ago, I suggested UASG to set up UA prize to honor those who do some contribution to UA deployment (such as coding compliance).

Since UASG has not enough money to sponsor all code compliance, I think that it is time to discuss to set up some prizes for UA Hall of Fame (similar to  Internet Hall of Fame)
to honor those who would like to do /already have done some contribution to UA. 

UASG is a good platform to unite all UA volunteers to promote/contribute UA work. We can design some good mechanism to attract more volunteers to contribute UA work.

Best Regards

Jiankang Yao

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