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Diana Arteaga dianaarteaga84 at gmail.com
Tue Jul 30 09:05:28 UTC 2019

Hi Richard

I really appreciate your thought. I do recommend for essential changes in
the present charters of various working groups in UASG for selection of
Chair of the Working Group. Current UASG Leadership team should keep it in
congruently to selection of UASG Leadership team and selection of working
group’s chair (and any co-chairs) should also be done by elections within
all respective working groups.

I recommend below essential changes in the present charters of various
working groups

·         Working group members would select the working group chair (and
any co-chairs) by election. The chair will be member of the UA Coordination
Group along with UASG Chair, Vice-Chairs and other Working Groups’ chairs.

·         The chair role is for one calendar year. He/she should be elected
one month prior to the end of the current chair’s term to ensure a smooth

*Election Process *

•Electors should come from subscribers to the respective working group
mailing list.

• A Call for Nominations should be made and should remain open for 3
calendar days, Nominations can include self-nominations

• If there are more than one nomination for each position then voting
papers shall be distributed electronically to the members of the respective
working group list and votes must be made and received within 3 days. If
there is only one nomination for each position then no need for a voting.

• Winners should be announced to the UA-Discuss and respective working
group list within 3 calendar days of the closing of the votes. Votes must
be confirmed by an independent person.

I strappingly be certain of that Current UASG Leadership team will approve
this Fair Selection Process which consists of selection by working group
members and reduces the likelihood of bias, increases objectivity and not
on the basis of one’s race, color, sex, age, national origin, religion,
genetic information, disability, or EEO activity.  The greater amount of
objectivity that is built into the selection process the higher the
likelihood that UASG can demonstrate that its selection process was fair.
Also using such selection methods promotes impartiality and neutrality.


Diana Arteaga

On Mon, Jul 29, 2019 at 4:37 PM richard nims <richnims at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello, everyone.
> Bessie, we all have volunteered to contribute in few working groups, I
> extant some recommendations in my individual capacity. In today’s
> environment, standards play a critical role in effective working of any
> working groups. Thus responsibility for how a standard evolves begins in
> our working group as-well. I recommend we establish the necessary framework
> for a sound standardization process. For groups i have applied for i.e. EAI
> and Technology working group  I have below recommendations:
> *Fundamental Principles of Operation*
> For the development of standards, openness and due process are mandatory.
> Openness means that any person who has, or could be reasonably expected to
> have, a direct and material interest, and who meets the requirements of
> these procedures has a right to participate by:
> a) Attending working group meetings
> b) Becoming a member of the working group
> c) Expressing a position for chair of working group and its basis,
> Due process is based upon equity and fair play. The standards development
> process should strive to have both a balance of interests and not be
> dominated by any single interest category.
> *Election of Chair of working group: *The UASG administrative group must
> get elections done for every working group. The interested members of the
> working group must file self-nomination or any member of working group
> should nominate, fundamentally that individual member nominated shall not
> be on any position in UA administrative group or any other working groups
> at the same time. Members of the working group should only be allowed to
> cast the vote and select chair of working group.
> *Working Group: *Working group member should be individual. Each member
> is expected to attend meetings. We must record attendance at meetings via
> teleconferencing and/or electronic means, e.g., Internet conferencing,
> shall count towards the attendance requirements apart from F2F meeting
> during ICANN or other events.
> *Responsibilities of Working Group: *
> Set goals and deadlines and adhere to them
> Prioritize work to best serve the group and its goals
> Get the materials available for community related to working of group
> Maintain lists of unresolved issues, action items, and assignments.
> The working group will engage in a fact-finding effort of the perceived
> problems raised in there space and what are the possible solutions, and
> what are the pros and cons relating these possible solutions. What
> activities are actually underway, how extensive are they. The Working Group
> can circulated surveys to gather facts about the technical and issues
> raised by services currently being provided in there space.
> Kind wishes
> Richard Nims
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