[UA-discuss] Agenda for UA Leadership call on 20190913 at UTC 0300

Sarmad Hussain sarmad.hussain at icann.org
Thu Sep 12 18:15:16 UTC 2019

Dear all,

Please find below a tentative agenda for UA Admin call on 20190913 at UTC 0300. Apologies was sending this in late, as this was a short week for me with travel.  Please share your feedback on if you would like add/delete any items.


  1.  Start to take stock of Q1 FY20 progress
  2.  Working groups
     *   Final versions of Charters - vote
     *   UA Tech WG. Chair nomination (Satish Chair, Dessalegn Vice Chair) – vote
     *   UASG Leadership leading the WGs – Yes or No?

  1.  World CIO meeting – follow up discussion by Ajay Data
  2.  UASG.tech website registration
  3.  AOB

=======================FYI items===============================

  1.  FYI: UA schedule for ICANN66 submitted based on the latest discussion
  2.  FYI: UASG – ALAC session likely to be scheduled on Saturday
  3.  FYI: Harish and Walter funding requests submitted – both agree to spend 4 hours per day on booth
  4.  FYI: Payment issued to Interisle for UASG007 – UASG007 being edited for publication

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