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Hi Jane, et al.


How were the countries chosen?


1.	Neither the USA nor Canada were included – and these would be very large communities.
2.	Nothing in the Pacific – and New Zealand indigenous language, te reo Māori, makes use of macrons – and this was done by a New Zealand based firm!
3.	Was there coordination with the local ccTLDs?




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Hi All – 


The UASG has just published UASG027 <https://uasg.tech/wp-content/uploads/documents/UASG027-en-digital.pdf>  – Country-Based Evaluation of Websites for Acceptance of Email Addresses in 2020. 


Please help promote and share on your channels if possible. @UASGTech: https://twitter.com/UASGTech/status/1260258814017728514?s=20





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