[UA-discuss] Refocusing my priorities

Roberto Gaetano roberto_gaetano at hotmail.com
Sun Jun 28 08:20:21 UTC 2020

Dear Sarmad - and all,
I am rethinking my participation to groups, committees, and other activities.
My contribution so far to UA has been negligible, mostly because of my lack of knowledge of all the technical aspects, but also because my interest in time has shifted from the UA in the strict sense to a wider area, namely how Internet users at large do not have the same opportunities to connect online. This includes from the physical connection to availability of local content, from the cost of the connection to the language barriers, and more. UA is surely an important factor in allowing worldwide users to get online, but the DNS is not the only one.
I will unsubscribe from the UA subgroups, remaining only on this general UA list, in order to remain informed of the progress in this area.

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