[UA-discuss] Mail support for email addresses using Indian script in Apple Mail App

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Good news indeed Nitin.



Deep Rivers Run Slow is an old saying.   Battleships are not so nimble, but powerful when they move.   Choose our own metaphor.



We have been talking to Apple from the very beginning and they said that they would tackle the topic through their Internationalisation efforts.



Glad that Xgen was able to help Apple – just as you had helped Microsoft.  Perhaps time to reach out again to Yahoo?


And has anyone touched based with TenCent recently?




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I hope everyone is doing well and keeping utmost care doing this COVID19 pandemic. Happy to share with everyone a great piece of information.

It’s a great news for UA Community and EAI working group that mission is achieved and the apple website has information about this achievement, feature part of the iOS14 preview that will be released this fall.  <https://www.apple.com/ios/ios-14-preview/features/> https://www.apple.com/ios/ios-14-preview/features/ , If you scroll down the page, we have the information part of “International”. “Mail support for email addresses using Indian script You can send and receive email using addresses composed of Indian script”.

Indian language email address on apple email client were tested  using email address from DataMail <https://www.datamail.in/>  and XgenPlus <https://www.xgenplus.com/>  for EAI mail support in apple mail app.


Hope this helps





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