[UA-discuss] Korean Hangul Domain Names 한글 도메인 네임

Dr Ajay Data ajay at data.in
Mon Nov 30 12:31:04 UTC 2020

Hello Andre, Thank you for your wondeful continued work.  
Its good to know about this progress, hope we see this in each script soon. Best Wishes
Dr. Ajay DataFounder &amp CEO
From: Andr&eacute Schappo via UA-discuss   MailId : [108616449]To: ua-discuss at icann.orgSubject: [UA-discuss] Korean Hangul Domain Names 한글 도메인 네임Date: 30 Nov 2020 04:04:51 PM 
I have been rather quiet on this list for quite a long time but I have, as usual, been working away on IDNs and EAI. Over the past few months I have put a lot of work into researching Korean Domain Names and as a result I have had a rather pleasing minor success. When I google search on the string "한글 도메인 네임" (including the quotes) I currently appear on the first page of search results&reg&reg  Please see the attached png screen shot .
한글 도메인 네임 = Hangul Domain Name. Hangul 한글 is the name of the Korean Script https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hangul
Andr&eacute Schappo

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