[UA-discuss] email address in .family TLD rejected [was: Reddit thread]

Roberto Gaetano roberto_gaetano at hotmail.com
Fri Jul 30 11:51:40 UTC 2021

I wonder whether the problem is not a difficult technical issue, but just the insane and unnecessary assumptions that some programmers make.

One experience as user. A few years ago I was travelling in India, and had hard times in entering my mobile phone number in online forms. The issue was not the international country code, that was accepted, but the overall length of the phone number, that in India is one less than in Austria. Why on earth a country with a bit more than 8M inhabitants needs phone numbers that are longer than a country more than two orders of magnitude bigger is the wrong question, though - the right question is why, if the standard length of an international phone number is 15, some programmers limit that to 12?

One experience as programmer. A software that I was in charge for, developed in the late 70’s, started failing a few years later for no apparent reason. Debugging showed that there was a check that the date was lower than 1/1/1984, so that when the planning for 1984 started the dates were rejected. I connected that to the fact that the original programmer, whom I knew, was an Orwell fan.


> On 30.07.2021, at 11:41, Vittorio Bertola via UA-discuss <ua-discuss at icann.org> wrote:
>> Il 29/07/2021 22:42 John Levine via UA-discuss <ua-discuss at icann.org> ha scritto:
>> Indeed, but there is little reason for people who run web sites to care.  As we know, the new TLDs
>> have largely failed, and the largest ones are basically fashion accessories in China, where they
>> are unlikely to be used for e-mail.  I can make an argument for IDN and EAI support in that it makes the
>> net accessible to people who don't speak languages written in latin alphabets, but I cannot make
>> a plausible argument about why they should care about the 1300 registrants of .hockey.
> Last week a friend of mine couldn't fill a form on a governmental agency website because it would reject an email address in .info, so it's not just about the newer "vanity" gTLDs - there are still people out there rejecting the ones from 2001, including those with several million registrations.
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