[UA-discuss] HUENCARE 휴엔케어 IDNs + humour

André Schappo andre.schappo at mac.com
Mon Sep 13 08:11:52 UTC 2021

Korean Domain Name 한글 도메인 네임

Yesterday, I discovered that HuenCare 휴엔케어 has an impressive set of IDNs which are: http://휴엔케어.닷넷 & http://휴엔케어.닷컴 & http://휴엔케어.한국 & http://휴엔케어.kr & http://휴엔케어.com & http://휴엔케어.net & http://휴엔케어.info There may or may not be more of them.

In my work and writings on Internationalisation of Computer Science I sometimes add humour to encourage interest in a topic, such as IDNs. Yesterday I wrote a post on idnforums that is my attempt at incorporating both humour and the HuenCare IDNs. I will not repeat the text of my post here. You can find my post at idnforums.com/forums/229710-post218.html

André Schappo

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