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Wed Dec 20 21:47:27 UTC 2023

Anil Kumar Jain:

Thank you for this notification.

Could you please explain "implementation of SOI" a little more for those 
of us who do not know ICANN very well?

What is an SOI ( Statement of Interest)? What is its purpose?

What activities are involved in "implementation of SOI"?  What does UASG 
staff or leadership do? What do UASG participants do? How can an 
ordinary participant tell when "implementation of SOI" begins, and when 
it has completed?

In what way will implementation of SOI "help UASG for a better Governance"?

I am aware that in the past, every few months, there would be an 
outbreak of email messages protesting some aspect of UASG governance. 
They would be from several different names, none of which I recognised 
from UASG working group meetings or ICANN sessions, and they would use 
suspiciously similar turns of phrase. I suspected that those emails were 
from a single person or group, using false names and pretending to be 
multiple people. I never understood what their motivation was. Is the 
purpose of SOI implementation to prevent this specific problem?

Best regards,
     —Jim DeLaHunt

On 2023-12-19 02:58, anil Jain via UA-discuss wrote:
> Dear all,
> ICANN Staff suggested to UASG leadership team need for implementation of SOI ( Statement of Interest) for all members(new and existing) of UASG.
> Coordination WG and Admin WG of UASG deliberated on this issue extensively from Aug 23 to Dec 23. We have concluded that SOI may be implemented in UASG as suggested by ICANN Staff. Details of implementations shall be guided by ICANN Legal team shortly.
> This step will help UASG for a  better Governance.
> Thanks,
> Anil Kumar Jain
> Chiar, UASG
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