[CCWG-ACCT] Feedback requested - CCWG Engagement plan

Mathieu Weill mathieu.weill at afnic.fr
Thu Apr 9 20:34:12 UTC 2015

Dear all,

As discussed, we are moving this discussion to the list as our time on 
the calls is pretty busy with more urgent matters.

We have put together a proposed engagement plan to help disseminate and 
socialize the progress we have made to date. Attached and below you will 
find an outline of our suggested toolkit for your consideration. The 
engagement plan was essentially designed to help set the stage for our 
public comment period and prepare for discussions to be held at the 
ICANN meeting in Buenos Aires. As we ran out of time on our call last 
week to discuss the plan, we would be very grateful if you could please 
share any objections or comments you may have by 16/04.

Webinars are an excellent tool to walk interested individuals through 
our milestones and initial conclusions. Together with a Q&A, it is a 
great way to provide a comprehensive overview of our mandate, activities 
and collect some initial feedback to guide us through our next steps or 
identify areas that need clarification, if any. We suggest organizing a 
repeat session to accommodate all timezones. Webinars are recorded, 
transcribed and ICANN may also book language services, as deemed needed. 
We suggest locking 09:00-10:30 UTC and 18:00-19:30 UTC on Wednesday, 29 

Interviews are a great way for us to share our unique perspectives and 
to explain the process in our own words. We suggest continuing this 
outreach effort as work evolves.

We suggest creating a video which would be a compilation of pods 
assembling storytelling information and progress updates using, among 
other things, excerpts from interviews,  nteractive graphics to 
facilitate and deepen understanding of our work and of how it is bridged 
to other processes. The Xplane team would help translate the process 
into graphics. The video could be a good way to reach a broader audience.

We would like to suggest setting up a mailing-list where anyone would be 
in a position to send feedback or comments on an ongoing basis. This 
list would be an additional avenue for the community to submit feedback. 
We suggest kicking this off after our public comment closes to allow for 
continuous feedback. This is a tool that has been very useful in some 
processes: the ATRT for instance.

Activities led by members of the CCWG to update their respective 
memberships (and beyond) are of essence in socializing the work of the 
CCWG and Cochairs recognize all the efforts that are being conducted. It 
is a key component of the engagement plan altogether. Sharing 
discussions held with your communities and flagging issues that were 
brought up – if any – will help us prepare for the public comment period 
and proactively unearth some of the issues and concerns that might be 
raised to address them before our report is issued. Receiving this 
information will help us get a sense of what will be problematic and 
optimize the outcome of our public comment period.

We look forward to your feedback.
Best regards

Mathieu WEILL
AFNIC - directeur général
Tél: +33 1 39 30 83 06
mathieu.weill at afnic.fr
Twitter : @mathieuweill

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