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Dear Co-Chairs,

then that was after the disgraceful spectacle of the Q&A or rather
Interuptions & Shouting, when Thomas launched into a monologue
kicking the meeting into overtime (I left after the allocated 2
hours due to a hard stop)?

Hence it was not read twice.

And, I object.


On 2015-04-16 17:56, Thomas Rickert wrote:
> All, this is to respond briefly to concerns that have been raised
> and questions that were asked on the mailing list.
> We had suggested during the last call that we would adjust our
> approach to make it easier for the group to work and contribute to
> our discussion by
> - installing a freeze period during which no updates to documents
> would be made to give the group time to go through and digest
> papers that have been produced so far
> - compiling an interim version of the report as well as an
> inventory of all documents in one place to make it easier to find
> all of the latest documents
> and
> - holding two intense work days (following the example of the CWG,
> which has conducted such intense two work days already twice.
> We intend to follow this approach as discussed during the call on 
> Tuesday (see Notes and transcript here :
> https://community.icann.org/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=52895728).
>  We would like to keep the momentum and work on preliminary 
> recommendations so that the group get the opportunity to have an 
> informed discussion during the intense work days.
> Later, we should conduct the public comment period together with 
> executing an engagement plan. As some of you have mentioned, we
> need to get this right.
> Even if our group reaches consensus, we need to ensure that there 
> community consensus on our recommendations. This is why - in our
> view - it is imperative that we present what we have to the
> community and get feedback from the community whether we are on the
> right track or whether we need to adjust. Getting such input and
> also the community’s feedback on potential legal implementation
> models is one aspect of our efforts to be as inclusive as
> possible.
> We will provide you with further information shortly.
> Kind regards, León, Mathieu and Thomas
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