[CCWG-ACCT] the pwoer to enforce AOC type (6.7) recommendations

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Sun Apr 26 18:03:40 UTC 2015

I completely agree that this is new obligation and that it must find its way into the bylaws.

As for your other question, I think it’s not a question of giving power to a review team but rather to the community to induce the board to accept recommendations from a review team.

To accomplish that, all we need to do an ensure that the board actually considers the recommendations and makes a decision about them, any decision because once the board has made a decision, we are putting in accountability mechanisms to question that decision. The whole that currently exist is in cases of complete inaction on the part of the board.

The best analogy I think can of at the moment is the FTC.  The FTC has the ability to hold companies to their promises. Getting companies to post privacy policies is the equivalent of getting them to promise something at which point, they are then subject to FTC review.

Does that help?

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In the draft recommendations (6.7.2):

Require the ICANN board to approve and implement review team recommendations, including
recommendations from previous reviews.

The final output of all reviews will be published for public comment.
The Board shall consider approval and begin implementation within
six months of receipt of the recommendations.

We discussed this as a putting a greater obligation onf the Board than it currently has.  But I do not understand how that is the case.  At this point, it is still up to the Board to agree or not.

In responding to a CWG-IANA based question from an NCSG member on how the IANA Function Review recommendation  for a RFP, if such were to ever happen, would be respected by the ICANN Board?  Couldn't they just ignore it.

I did not have a response and am wondering what part of the community powers I am forgetting.

This points to the more general question about any recommendation of an AOC type review.

Other than the no-confidence removal of the Board (6.6.6. got to love the numer!), is there anything that gives the AOC-Like review recommendations the sort of Community powers that we have discussed having for budgets, strategy & operational plans (6.6.2) ?  Is it possible to include Board rejection of AOC type review recommendations under the category of decision that can be overruled by members?  Or is that class of decsion restricted by statute?



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