[CCWG-ACCT] Who is managing the lawyers and what have they beenasked to do?

"Kleinwächter, Wolfgang" wolfgang.kleinwaechter at medienkomm.uni-halle.de
Sat Jul 4 05:13:19 UTC 2015


and please if you ask outside lawyers, ask for the price tag in advance. Some of the money spend fo lawyers could have been spend better to suppport and enable Internet user and non-commercial groups in developing countries.


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After the legal sub-team was disbanded, I haven't been able to follow what communications are happening with CCWG and the independent lawyers we retained.

I understand the lawyers are currently "working on the various models" and will present something to us regarding that work soon.  However, *what exactly* have the lawyers been asked to do and *who* asked them?   If there are written instructions, may the group please see them?  Who is now taking on the role of managing the outside attorneys for this group, including providing instructions and certifying legal work? 

Sorry, but I'm really trying to understand what is happening, and there doesn't seem to be much information in the public on this (or if there is, I can't find it).  Thanks for any information anyone can provide.


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