[CCWG-ACCT] Accountability Statement [with apologies for x-posting]

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Fri Jul 10 19:40:47 UTC 2015

To all:

A couple of weeks ago we hosted a roundtable discussion at the OTI 
office in Washington DC among a number of the tech policy/advocacy 
groups, to see whether there was some common ground or consensus 
among us about the accountability mechanisms that we believe need to 
be included in any final transition proposal.  The attached is a 
draft of what such a statement might look like.  I hasten to point 
out that it has NOT been vetted yet by any of the 
institutions/organizations we would hope might be involved in such a 
project, so that at this point it doesn't represent anyone's views by 
my own -- but I think it at least indicates the direction in which 
our discussions are moving, and I thought this might be a useful time 
to inject it into the ongoing CCWG discussions.


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