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Hi James,
 Thanks for picking up on this. Indeed, we did agree on having  up to eight representatives per SO/AC on the ICA. I liked that idea so much I gave a "good job" oral compliment to Alan and Steve in Paris for agreeing this number, one that best works for the GNSO. After all, the "5" we've agreed to for voting does not work well for us in the GNSO but we in the GNSO compromised there to help other communities. It was nice to see some reciprocity.  I'm sure the number "7" is just an oversight that we can correct before we put this document out for public comment.
 I believe in a robust, diverse and representative ICA. Hopefully we won't have to exercise the community powers very often but when we do I want the entire community to be represented in all it's multifaceted grandeur. One provision in our proposal would tend to discourage that: the level of support proposed for ICA members.
 I'd like to propose that we extend funding to all ICA nominees, not just the 5 voting members per group. I believe people think the CCWG funding methodology, which our proposal copies, has worked: it has not, at least not for those of us in the noncommercial community. I can tell you stories of our Istanbul meeting where I had to walk  for a half hour each night following our meetings  through a red light district to get to my bed in a youth hostel. I'm not a youth but our NCUC budget, from which I received support for the meeting, is not large. My post midnight walk on day one  (the legal subteam worked until close to midnight the first night) was particularly interesting.
 I should note the difficulty our supported Member to the CCWG has had in getting to the CCWG meetings. For Istanbul, Robin had a flight cancellation and was unable to rebook in time to attend. For Paris her initial flight had mechanical problems and she arrived after an overnight flight and during our Friday morning meeting. We should learn two things from her story: 1) never book a flight Robin is on; it's just bad luck.  :) and 2) relying upon one person to present a point of view of an entire component of our community at a meeting is not wise. With the serious nature of the issues the ICA will be considering all voices must be heard.
 I should note it's not just noncommercial participants who may be experiencing funding problems in this regard. I've spoken to multiple commercial colleagues whose companies commitment will be reduced following the ACCT project. We need to ensure maximum participation in the ICA for this proposal to be guaranteed the diversity of views and backgrounds this entire construct needs if it is to be considered legitimate by all segments of society.
 In summary: 1) We need to correct the number of ICA participants per group so that it reflects the maximum of "8" which, as James has pointed out, was the agreed position in Paris, and 2) in the interests of diversity and to ensure all voices are heard we need to support all members of the ICA, not just a select few. A two tiered nominee system should not be favoured.
 In terms of budgetary impact costs can be trimmed elsewhere if need be. It makes no sense to provide full support, for example, to SO Council members and not to those nominees who will be participating in our highest deliberative, albeit nonvoting, body. 
 Thanks for considering,

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a)    Each ICANN SO or AC would be asked to nominate  between one and seven people to participate in the ICA - this is to ensure that there is at least some presence from each part of the community in the ICA, and some likelihood that its activities and discussions will include a wide range of perspectives.  


I assume the 7 is a holdover from a previous version? It was very clearly agreed to be 8 in Paris.  


-James Gannon  


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And a bunch of comments from me.


At 25/07/2015 09:03 AM, Drazek, Keith wrote:

Thanks Jordan, this looks very good to me. Iâ?Tve made a few proposed red-lined edits in the attached, supported by comments. Happy to discuss further.
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Hi all
I have taken the draft material from an older paper about the ICANN Community Assembly and pulled it into one place.
Please see attached and debate away!  I've tried to be clear on its solely advisory nature, and have suggested that this would be the forum to use for the Public Accountability Forum suggestion made by advisors a while ago.
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