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Julie Hammer julie.hammer at bigpond.com
Sun Jul 26 21:33:28 UTC 2015

Hi Jordan and Everyone,

Many thanks for sharing this text on voting weights.  While the SSAC is still considering what form its participation in the Community Mechanism will take, I think your proposal allows for all options and Lyman and I both support this wording.  In particular, we agree with the proposition of equal votes for all current and future SO/ACs.

One other point...Near the end, the document says "[t]hat is, block voting (casting all votes in favour or against the use of a power, even where there are diverse views) is not encouraged." That wording strongly implies that casting all votes in a single block is *discouraged*, even if the views of all parts of an SO or AC happen to be aligned on a particular issue. We don't think that's what you mean, and suggest that the intention might better be expressed by "[t]hat is, where diverse views within an SO or AC exist even after consultation and discussion, that diversity should be 'passed through' in the vote distribution, rather than resolved into a consensus 'block vote' (casting all votes in favour or against the use of a power)."

Cheers,  Julie and Lyman

On 26 Jul 2015, at 3:24 pm, Jordan Carter <jordan at internetnz.net.nz> wrote:

Hi everyone

Here is an update of the previously not-updated text on voting weights. I am sorry that I haven’t got tracked changes to show you - it’s not much changed from what was circulated a few days ago (the redline staff draft that hadn’t actually been finished).

We still need to develop quorum and participation rules - I believe Bernie is working on a paper on this, for discussion next week.

This is on the agenda for WP1 on 27 July.

<Section 5A2 - Community Mechanism - Voting.docx>
<Section 5A2 - Community Mechanism - Voting.pdf>

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