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Jordan Carter jordan at internetnz.net.nz
Tue Jul 28 03:05:27 UTC 2015

Dear Kavouss

I confess I am very surprised to receive this email.

My summary in the call was, I hoped, perfectly clear.

The revised draft that will be presented later today will:

- have five votes available for *each* of the SOs and ACs - all seven of
- specify a simple notice period that an SO or AC has to agree to, in order
to declare their participation
- no bylaws changes will be required.

I cannot be any more clear than this.

Your concern has been heard, and it has been shared by others in WP1.

The consensus of WP1 agrees with you.

The documents will reflect that.

Please advise if anything remains unclear. I will do my best to help
clarify further.

Many thanks

On 28 July 2015 at 14:01, Kavouss Arasteh <kavouss.arasteh at gmail.com> wrote:

> Dear All,
> In the virtual meeting today at 0400 Korean Time, I express my strong
> objection to exclude any AC or OS from exercising its fundamental right at
> this stage.
> GAC has not yet formally decided nor announced that it will not wish to
> participate in community empowerment to exercise its rights to vote
> They just indicated that they wish to retain the rights that currently
> granted to it in providing advice to ICANN Board in application of its
> operating Principle NO 47.
> They are studying the matter and could come back to CCWG at later stage
> .As it was discussed ,in any democratic society no individual or group of
> individual are excluded to vote .their very rights to vote are included in
> the Constitution of the society
> However, one they receive the ballot vote they may decide to vote or not
> according to the circumstances.
> In view of the above, CCWG has no right to decide about the GAC before GAC
> formally inform the CCWG and the Community that it prefers to be
> permanently excluded from any right to vote in future .
> What is the risk if CCWG exclude GAC from participation at any voting on a
> global basis?
> Suppose that such  inappropriate decision is made without explicit
> agreement of GAC, if in future any SO or AC or ICANN make a decision or
> modify Bylaws which has direct impact on the Governments very interest and
> GAC is unable to express its views in voting the only possibility exist
> would be GAC make recourse to modify Bylaws to be able to VOTE. However, if
> such modification does not carried forward , the GAC remained in the middle
> of NOWHERE .
> Pls seriously reconsider the matter and provide the rights for ALL AC and
> SO
> to be able to exercise its very right and leave it to those SO and AC to
> exercise or not that right .
> Pls do not make attempts to just please certain entities or individual who
> has been taking a very hostile attitude in regard with GAC.
> I am waiting your immediate remedial actions
> Kavouss

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