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I am supportive of the direction we are taking.  I think that it should
be up to ACSO  and that we should not limit their possibilities a
priori.  As a response to all of those who think that their ACSO is more
important that any of the others I think it displays  a lack of
understanding of the multistakeholder mix we have that keeps the powers
within organization balanced.

So, thanks Jordan for clarifying what was decided, i must admit I too
was not sure at the end of the call.


On 28-Jul-15 05:05, Jordan Carter wrote:
> Dear Kavouss
> I confess I am very surprised to receive this email.
> My summary in the call was, I hoped, perfectly clear.
> The revised draft that will be presented later today will:
> - have five votes available for *each* of the SOs and ACs - all seven
> of them 
> - specify a simple notice period that an SO or AC has to agree to, in
> order to declare their participation
> - no bylaws changes will be required.
> I cannot be any more clear than this.
> Your concern has been heard, and it has been shared by others in WP1.
> The consensus of WP1 agrees with you.
> The documents will reflect that.
> Please advise if anything remains unclear. I will do my best to help
> clarify further.
> Many thanks
> Jordan
> On 28 July 2015 at 14:01, Kavouss Arasteh <kavouss.arasteh at gmail.com
> <mailto:kavouss.arasteh at gmail.com>> wrote:
>     Dear All,
>     In the virtual meeting today at 0400 Korean Time, I express my
>     strong objection to exclude any AC or OS from exercising its
>     fundamental right at this stage.
>     GAC has not yet formally decided nor announced that it will not
>     wish to participate in community empowerment to exercise its
>     rights to vote
>     They just indicated that they wish to retain the rights that
>     currently granted to it in providing advice to ICANN Board in
>     application of its operating Principle NO 47.
>     They are studying the matter and could come back to CCWG at later
>     stage
>     .As it was discussed ,in any democratic society no individual or
>     group of individual are excluded to vote .their very rights to
>     vote are included in the Constitution of the society
>     However, one they receive the ballot vote they may decide to vote
>     or not according to the circumstances.
>     In view of the above, CCWG has no right to decide about the GAC
>     before GAC formally inform the CCWG and the Community that it
>     prefers to be permanently excluded from any right to vote in future .
>     What is the risk if CCWG exclude GAC from participation at any
>     voting on a global basis?
>     Suppose that such  inappropriate decision is made without explicit
>     agreement of GAC, if in future any SO or AC or ICANN make a
>     decision or modify Bylaws which has direct impact on the
>     Governments very interest and GAC is unable to express its views
>     in voting the only possibility exist would be GAC make recourse to
>     modify Bylaws to be able to VOTE. However, if such modification
>     does not carried forward , the GAC remained in the middle of NOWHERE .
>     Pls seriously reconsider the matter and provide the rights for ALL
>     AC and SO
>     to be able to exercise its very right and leave it to those SO and
>     AC to exercise or not that right .
>     Pls do not make attempts to just please certain entities or
>     individual who has been taking a very hostile attitude in regard
>     with GAC.
>     I am waiting your immediate remedial actions
>     Kavouss
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