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My point was quite the opposite to "trust us, we know what we're doing" :-)

If large changes were being made on this basis, then things could easily be
slipped in.

The fact that most of the text is stable, that all changes are tracked, and
that hundreds of people are looking at the documents, gives me great
confidence that if any of the authors or rapporteurs or staff or cochair
tried to pull something in that was not agreed text....

..... it would be caught, the perpetrator would be hung out to dry, and the
group would be seriously disrupted.

So what I am really saying is, "this isn't as complex as it looks."

In my version of a perfect world, we would have had two months to deliver
the work we have done since Paris. But we've discussed our disagreement
about the schedule elsewhere.


On 30 July 2015 at 20:22, Nigel Roberts <nigel at channelisles.net> wrote:

> Jordan
> In all good will, I'm genuinely puzzled. It seems to me that you are being
> either naive or disingenuous in below statement.
> I refer to Chris Lahatte's statement on a procedural point that is
> anything but dull.
> If there is a dearth of time for review, that is exactly when the major
> changes are slipped in, that are often not noticed until after its too late.
> So while I will 100% accept that the below description is possible, and
> even very like to be correct, running the show in this way is procedurally
> unfair as it excludes oversight and does not *ensure*, in a transparent way
> that nothing is being sprung on anyone.
> Put another way, I have to take your (or someone else's) word for it.
>  I'll close with a quite dull procedural point - the documents that you are
>> not getting much time to review for these calls are generally a) making
>> tiny, incremental changes from previous versions, and b) have been
>> substantially the same for weeks. Nothing is being "sprung" on anyone
>> right
>> now.

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