[CCWG-ACCT] way forward and minority statements

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Hi Avri,
 I totally agree with your assessment. The free expression lingo is likely 
to be widely supported on all sides of the political spectrum. 
 As for the left...in terms of full disclosure, I'm currently advising in 
an unpaid capacity one of the so far lesser campaigns for the Democratic 
nomination for President (Mr. O'Malley). Were our anaemic fundraising to 
pick up and he could afford me I would be compelled (once paid, my personal 
opinions don't matter) to look at making an issue of transferring control 
over NN (or of "the internet", as we'd simplify it) to an organisation that 
considered but rejected including protection of human rights or free 
expression in the Bylaws. It's low hanging fruit: this organization was 
started during the term of Mrs. Clinton's husband. If I would consider 
making an issue out of it, I'm sure my better funded colleagues in Mr. 
Sanders or elsewhere campaign might consider doing so as well. Again, not 
talking merits here, just political calculation... 

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On 31-Jul-15 02:06, Edward Morris wrote:
> I do support inclusion of language directly related to human rights
> in the bylaws if for no other reason I believe the NTIA, on the basis
> of some of Keith Drazek's posts, would like to see it and from an
> American political perspective it would help shield our proposal from
> attack from the left. People are focusing on candidates from the right
> in America making our transition a political issue. Should ill winds
> blow it very easily could become an issue in the Democratic
> presidential or congressional primaries. The mention of human rights
> provides a practical political shield against such attacks.

Well if we want to get into US politics as motivation, imagine what
would happen were the US Right to learn of, a not yet hatched, plan by
peace loving Europeans to prevent people from getting domain names that
support the 2nd amendment politics., ie. no gun worshiping domain names
as they breed a violent culture.

It is not just a lefty thing.

Just saying.


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