[CCWG-ACCT] way forward and minority statements

Nigel Roberts nigel at channelisles.net
Fri Jul 31 10:29:22 UTC 2015

It really is enlightening and instructional to see such a great example 
of how sausages are made.

Thanks for sharing that with us.

On 31/07/15 11:13, Edward Morris wrote:
> Hi Avri,
> I totally agree with your assessment. The free expression lingo is
> likely to be widely supported on all sides of the political spectrum.
> As for the left...in terms of full disclosure, I'm currently advising in
> an unpaid capacity one of the so far lesser campaigns for the Democratic
> nomination for President (Mr. O'Malley). Were our anaemic fundraising to
> pick up and he could afford me I would be compelled (once paid, my
> personal opinions don't matter) to look at making an issue of
> transferring control over NN (or of "the internet", as we'd simplify it)
> to an organisation that considered but rejected including protection of
> human rights or free expression in the Bylaws. It's low hanging fruit:
> this organization was started during the term of Mrs. Clinton's husband.
> If I would consider making an issue out of it, I'm sure my better funded
> colleagues in Mr. Sanders or elsewhere campaign might consider doing so
> as well. Again, not talking merits here, just political calculation...

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