[CCWG-ACCT] Steve's opening remarks

Bruce Tonkin Bruce.Tonkin at melbourneit.com.au
Wed Sep 2 22:18:03 UTC 2015

Hello All,

Here is a written version of Steve's opening remarks - that maybe easier to follow.

Bruce Tonkin

1.	We endorse the goal of enforceability, and we believe that it is possible to implement it along with the key elements of the proposal, without a wholesale change of ICANN's model of governance. We stand ready to work with you on an implementation approach that achieves your goals without causing instability or unintended consequences. 

2.	The proposal contains important improvements for ICANN's accountability. In principle, we support enhancements to ICANN's accountability, as reflected in the four building blocks of an empowered community, the ICANN board, principles, and independent appeals mechanisms. We also understand that the drive for a sole membership model is the community requirement of enforcement. We are committed to continuing to participate in the community process to develop a consensus proposal that meets the community's requirements by the time of the ICANN meeting in Dublin.

3.	We have concerns on how to implement the current 2nd draft proposal as it stands, without causing unintended consequences of instability and institutional ineffectiveness, increasing the potential for capture, changing the stable/accepted advisory role of governments at ICANN, or crossing perceived political lines. We also refer you to concerns shared by Board members both in Buenos Aires and then again in writing on 7 July 2015, regarding unintended consequences that could weaken ICANN's governance model; impact ICANN's financial stability, causing possible budget paralysis among other potential ramifications; and impact ICANN's Board by turning it into, for example, a representative body or parliament.  

4.	We want to work together to achieve the elements of your proposal - including enforceability - within the community's timeline and without causing those unintended consequences. We are not suggesting a new proposal, but we have some initial ideas about how to deliver on this. 

5.	In addition, we suggest building on processes for addressing on-going improvement work so that ICANN remains in a continuous improvement cycle. We believe this process for continuous improvement can be built using the same NTIA criteria that have been the foundation of this transition.

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