[CCWG-ACCT] Notes, recordings, transcript for WS2 Staff Accountability Subgroup Meeting #5_ 01 December 16

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The notes, recordings and transcripts for CCWG Accountability WS2 Staff Accountability Subgroup Meeting #5 –  01 December 2016 will be available here:  https://community.icann.org/x/YITDAw

A copy of the notes may be found below.

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Notes: (including relevant portions of the chat):
- Intro stuff: agenda review, attendance, SOI check
•  Apologies received from Jordan Carter & George Sadowsky
•  Roll call will be taken from the AC room
•  Agenda approved
•  No SOI updates
- Review mandate
•  Reviewed mandate from Annex12
- Review of where we are
•  Formal request for documentation made, still pending
•  Had initial discussion with Goran in F2F in HYD
•  Jordan & Avri have discussed basis for cooperation between Staff and Community, and are preparing a write-up of those discussions to share with the group asap
•  Denise: Do we have more details on how/when Goran is planning to document staff's role?
•  Avri: Should be part of the answers we are waiting to receive from ICANN
•  Greg: general message I heard from Goran is that the staff is here to serve/support the community. Performance reviews is a key point for this group to deal with.
•  Alan Greenberg: Performance reviews of people who are here to serve the volunteer community, but with no input from the volunteer community, is :"interesting"
•  Jeff Neumann would like to bring up another point. It feels that sometimes staff are at a loss and don't know what their path forward is. It is frustrating when something needs to be implemented and doesn't get implemented by ICANN staff.
•  We need answers on what exists, in order to review and further discuss.
•  Pam Little: Could we get a commitment when our questions will be answered?
•  Phil Corwin would like to bring up another point: means for GDD staff tio be sensitized to policy implications of certain contract negotiating positions and a procedure for them to inform policy staff and GNSO Council in advance to gather feedback on impact and appropriateness.

- Review of what we need to get done and how we will get it done.
•  Avri presented next steps per her presentation
•  Reviewed the Staff Acct dashboard slide, that will be updated monthly.
- Schedule and can we still meet the short track schedule
•  Avri thought the group was on the longer track, but for now the group is on the shorter track.
•  Seems difficult to meet the shorter track timeline, given the remaining work.
•  Alan, Greg, Cheryl agree the group cannot meet the shorter schedule.
•  Robin Gross: There are so many different ongoing working groups going on right now.  It is just not possible to get it all done on the timeline ICANN wants.
•  No AOB.

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